Industrial Textile

The driving force behind all our efforts is to provide our clients and the end users with our most important value: Peace of Mind.

Our 100% Cotton and 60% Polyester / 40% Cotton fabrics are ideal for the manufacturing of industrial uniforms to protect end users in their respective industries.

We understand that the uniforms worn by your
team represent the quality of your company. You
want your team to look and feel great as they
display your corporate image.

That is why all of our fabrics use the best quality
materials, from our U.S. grown cotton, to the top
quality Nylon® we use on our blends. Our
ISO-Certified Quality Control allows our spinning
process to produce only the best ring-spun yarns for our fabrics. Ring-spun
yarns are very
smooth to the touch and resistant, so the fabric
is stronger and naturally softer.

We use natural fibers,
but that is only the

Fabrics made with cotton are naturally softer, and additional to the material, our fabrics are
mercerized for extra comfort. Mercerization adds volume to each cotton fiber. This allows the fabric
to have a higher luster and the dyes are fixed better to the cotton molecule, for more brilliant colors.


Non-FR Poly / Cotton Fabrics were created by combining the strengths of poly fibers along with cotton fibers. Our Poly/Cotton fabrics are designed to provide a soft feel for greater comfort while providing a breathable, tear-resistant, and durable Fabric.

Miami Twill7 oz/yd²65% Polyester 35% Cotton2x1 “S”

Non-FR Duck Fabrics construction or Basket Weave, is one of the most common fabrics that is used in the workwear markets. We designed our Duck Fabrics to provide great strength and high performance for workwear that will withstand tough jobs while providing great comfort.

Brent 3008 oz/yd²100% CottonBasket
Brent 40011 oz/yd²100% CottonBasket

NON-FR 100% Cotton Fabrics were created to provide the best performance for your protection with the best value for your investment.

Our Twill is designed to provide a soft feel for greater comfort as well as enhanced wear life and comfort performance.

Sirka Twill6.7 oz/yd²100% Cotton2x1 “S”
Triana Twill7.4 oz/yd²100% Cotton3x1 “S”
Eureka Twill8.3 oz/yd²100% Cotton3x1 “S”
Eureka Plus Twill10 oz/yd²100% Cotton3x1 “S”

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