Carolina Vehicle Armor

Vehicle Armor Products

Lightweight Ballistic Panels made with DuPontTM Kevlar® and TensylonTM for vehicle armor applications.

Vehicle Armor

Hard Vehicle Armor

Manufactured with DuPont™ Kevlar® and Tensylon™ offers a multi-hit ballistic protection against a wide range of handgun threats according to NIJ 0108.01 level II to III.

Anti-Grenade Blankets BF - AG

Fragmentation Vehicle Armor

Manufactured with DuPontTM Kevlar® and designed to resist the simultaneal explosion of two DM-51 hand grenades.


Hard Armor Ballistic Panels

Manufactured with genuine DuPont™ Kevlar® which is a fiber 5 times stronger than steel (on an equal-weight basis) and offers a light weight armor system with capability to stop threats from NIJ 0108.01 level I to level IIIA.

Product NameSpec Sheet
Armortec Kevlar® 7 C
Armortec Kevlar® 9 C
Armortec Kevlar® 10 C
Armortec Kevlar® 11 C
Armortec Kevlar® 12 C
Armortec Kevlar® 14 C

Incorporates an extra protection layer made from polyurethane that isolate the Kevlar® fiber from any outer agent with all the benefits and protection level of the Armortec Kevlar® series.

Product NameSpec Sheet
Armortec Kevlar® 9 C Black
Armortec Kevlar® 11 C Black
Armotec Kevlar® 12 C Black
Armortec Kevlar® 14 C Black

Manufactured with 100 % DuPont™ Tensylon™, which is a High Modulus Bidirectional Polyethylene Laminate with an Ultra High Molecular Weight and offers a low weight armor system solution with capability to stop threats from NIJ 0108.01 level IIIA to level III.

Product NameSpec Sheet
Armortec Tensylon™ 53 C
Armortec Tensylon™ 118 C
Armortec Tensylon™ 198 C

Anti-Fragmentation Ballistic Blankets

Designed to be installed on the floor of vehicles on high armor levels and can resist the simultaneous explosion of two DM-51 frag grenades protecting the passengers from any fragment and extreme temperature.

Product NameSpec Sheet
Armortec Kevlar® Manta Cuadro
Armortec Kevlar® Manta Contorno Cherokee
Armortec Kevlar® Manta Suburban Cuadro
Armortec Kevlar® Manta Suburban Contorno
Armortec Kevlar® Manta Suburban Habitáculo
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