The original Kevlar® armor
protects your family.

What is Kevlar®?

Kevlar® by DuPont™ is one of the strongest and most resistant armor fibers in the world.

In 1965 the scientist Stephanie Kwolek discovered a material that revolutionized the market. Kevlar® is a synthetic fiber highly resistant to heat, impact and traction. One of the main uses of Kevlar® is in the field of public, private or civil security and the armed forces.

Light, resistant and versatile. Due to these characteristics, Kevlar® has become one of the reference materials in various sectors of the industry, with a wide range of applications in vehicle armor, military equipment and even aerospace, from the first time man reached the moon to present day. For all these reasons, discover why Kevlar® armor is the most widely used in security applications.

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The main market in which Kevlar® fiber is used is the security industry. In addition to being used in vehicle armor, Kevlar® is also found in bulletproof vests and helmets, which are used by police and military. These security products are developed with this resistant material and have protected millions of professionals over the years. Kevlar® is resistant to a wide range of chemicals.

In the automotive market, DuPont™ Kevlar® is used in the manufacture of armor, brake pad components and also in tires. In this industry, the material is the basis for the production of protective gloves or in the interior lining of hoses, brake pads and tubes (inside and outside the car), reinforcing and guaranteeing resistance during material handling.

Kevlar® is also present in other important sectors, such as sports. Helmets for racing drivers, surfer gear and materials for skiers, most of them have the strength and lightness provided by the fiber developed by DuPont™.

The aerospace market also has the power of Kevlar® fiber in some of its materials. Astronaut clothing is made of several layers of Kevlar®.

All that applicability of Kevlar® shows the importance of the material developed by DuPont™ for the global market. Regardless of the industry, using Kevlar® fiber will always contribute to increasing protection and improving results by having a material of the highest quality and toughness at all times.


Kevlar® is a lightweight fiber up to five times stronger than steel, it is a robust and long-lasting material and is therefore an effective armor solution as it allows vehicles to keep most of their driving characteristics original and also, thanks to Kevlar®, no excessive weight is added to them.

For more than 50 years, Kevlar® has demonstrated its excellence in providing protection for people with its ability to prevent bullet penetration into vehicles and at the same time providing a remarkable lightness to the car, thus obtaining greater speed and making fuel more efficient.

In the past, cars were armored with steel plates, which made the car heavier and noisier, causing more costly maintenance and demanding more engine wear. Now with the inclusion of Kevlar® it is possible to have an armored vehicle in a way that does not compromise the performance of the car. Its main advantages are:

High resistance with low weight

It is up to 5 times
stronger than steel

Under equal conditions and weights.

Moisture-resistant & UV.

> It does not decompose with water or moisture.
> Bacteria and fungi do not degrade Kevlar® so there is no loss in ballistic performance

Heat resistance

> Kevlar® is Self-extinguishing.
> Does not shrink in heat.
> It does not melt even at high temperatures.
> It begins to char at temperatures above 425 ° C.

Chemical resistance

> Resistant to a wide list of chemicals.
> Water and oil do not alter its properties.


Kevlar® is extremely strong, yet lightweight and durable; provides the perfect balance of form and function, allowing you to redefine the concept of performance and explore new possibilities for a better tomorrow. Whether used for protection, consumer products or transportation, Kevlar® keeps you at the forefront of innovation.

Kevlar® has a molecular structure with many interchain bonds, which makes it incredibly strong, tough and very light.

Carolina Ballistic – Kevlar® Alliance

Large companies must work with original and highest quality materials to be successful and maintain their leadership. At Carolina Ballistic we have been using Kevlar® by DuPont™ for several years. At Carolina Ballistic we are very grateful to DuPont™ company for allowing us to use its Kevlar® brand to promote the high quality products that we manufacture in our Salvatierra factory in Guanajuato, such as Anti-Fragmentation Panels and Blankets for Vehicle Armor, among others. Having one of the few brand use licenses that Kevlar® grants to its most important clients in Mexico fills us with pride and differentiates us from our competitors.

Blindaje Original

With the common goal of Protecting Lives, the Kevlar® brand belonging to the DuPont™ and Carolina Ballistic belonging to Carolina Performance Fabrics developed an exclusive website for the Mexican market with relevant information to protect customers and new users of vehicle armor in Mexico:

Blindaje Original, aims to be a showcase and reference for the vehicle armor industry with accurate information to spread the knowledge of how vehicles are armored, the materials that are used in vehicle armor, the types of vehicles that can be armored, a list of where vehicles can be armored with the main companies in our country, and the levels of armor that exist according to the American Standard NIJ 0108.01.

Through this great tool, users can have all the necessary information to demand a total shielding of the highest quality and made with original materials as well as certifications by these two companies. On the site you can find videos, photos and interesting articles such as audiovisual aids for users to make a decision after been as informed as possible.

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Tightrope walker Nik Wallenda set
the record for the crossing
between two buildings in Chicago
(United States) using a rope
manufactured with Kevlar. At the
time, Wallenda refused to use
protective nets at the bottom
of the rope,relying entirely on the
strength and toughness of Kevlar.

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The Galileo space probe, for example, had a parachute and several parts of it were produced with the DuPont™ material, ensuring greater resistance.

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In the movie "Batman Begins", Batman's clothing was produced from pieces of Kevlar and subsequently bathed in titanium.

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Complete manufacturing
process of vehicular armor
panels from the fabric

Carolina Ballistic is the only company in Mexico that begins its manufacturing process weaving the fabric with this excellent highest quality material.

The manufacturing process of our vehicle armor panels made with DuPont ™ Kevlar® at our Carolina Performance Fabrics factory the city of Salvatierra, Guanajuato, begins with the purchase of Kevlar® in spools / spools of thread from DuPont.

Subsequently, we weave this monofilament with various machines that interlace the Kevlar® threads through a warp and weft process to manufacture layers of high tenacity, durability and ballistic resistance.

Once the Kevlar® is laminated in layers, we proceed to assemble it and press it with a high quality adhesive film to finish this interesting process.

In Mexico and in the world there are several companies that, press or assemble Kevlar® sheets, but in Mexico only Carolina Ballistic has this vertical integration from the acquisition of the material to the final sale of the finished material.

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