Ballistic Protection Products

Our Carolina Ballistic Product Lines

Carolina Ballistic® is a brand leader specializing in the manufacture of high quality ballistic protection products. With a strong presence in Body Armor, Vehicle Armor, Architectural Armor, and Advanced Material Solutions, Carolina Ballistic® is single point solution provider for a wide range of applications. Vertical integration across the armor manufacturing process allows for total process control and quality assurance and gives flexibility to our client’s and their ever evolving requirements.

Body Armor
Carolina Body Armor


Ballistic body armor products for law enforcement and military applications.

Vehicle Armor
Vehicle Armor

CAROLINA Vehicle Armor

Ballistic vehicle armor products for civil, law enforcement and military applications.

Architectural Armor
Architectural Armor

CAROLINA Architectural Armor

Ballistic architectural armor products for new, temporary and existing buildings and structures.

Advanced Material Solutions
Advanced Materials

CAROLINA Advanced Material Solutions

Wide range of products to meet advanced textile and composite needs.

StratEgic Alliances

Carolina Ballistic® grows through strategic alliances with key partners:


With a technological and supply strategic alliance, Carolina Ballistic® is the main DuPont™ woven Kevlar® and Tensylon™ converter in Mexico and Central America.


With a rich tradition of protecting of people and assets, Hesco Armor is a key partner with Carolina Ballistic® on the Hard Body Armor product line. Collaborative multinational R&D has yielded the widest range of protective solutions in Latin American. This partnership was recently awarded the National Innovation and Technology Prize for advancements in hard body armor protection within Mexico.


Carolina Ballistic is founder and a member of the Consejo Nacional de la Industria del Blindaje, which is a representative of the Mexican Armor Industry organized by the most important distributors and manufacturing companies of the body, vehicle and architectural armor segments.

Sources of Value

Carolina Ballistic® offers an added value in all of our ballistic product lines with the incorporation of:

Vertical Integration

Allows us to give a superior processes control and quality assurance as well as giving flexibility to our client’s evolving requirements.


Vertical integration of the weaving process allows for faster program ramp up schedules and the ability to customize textiles for specific applications. Full control of the armor architecture ensures that every Carolina Ballistic® product is optimized for success.

Coatings & Laminations

Gives an extra protection layer that isolate the inside materials such as Kevlar® fibers form outer agents and acts as a waterproof solution.

With a variety of coating chemistries, Carolina Ballistic® provides additional value including waterproofing, abrasion resistance, and advanced performance resin matrices.

Consolidation Processes

Pressing & Autoclaving

Using the latest, state of the art, consolidations methods, every Carolina Ballistic® product is optimized for maximum protection and value. High pressing capacity of 3,500 tons, guarantee a complete consolidation in all our ballistic pressed products.

Ballistic Laboratory

Carolina Ballistic® currently operates the only ballistic laboratory in Mexico authorized by the Mexican Army. Vertical integration into ballistic testing offers the capacity to conduct streamlined and efficient Research & Development.

Direct access to in-house NIJ compliant test chambers provide the opportunity to our clients to test their solutions before sending them into the NIJ certification process.

Quality Control

Every Carolina Ballistic® product undergoes regular in-house testing. In-house ballistic testing streamlines the quality control process and gives real-time feedback and confidence.

Certifications & Awards

National Institute of Justice

Carolina Performance Fabrics certify their products with the highest quality standards as NIJ.

National Innovation and Technology Prize

Carolina Performance Fabrics was awarded with the National Innovation and Technology Prize XIX edition, which takes place every year in Mexico and is organized by Fundación Premio Nacional de Tecnología e Innovación, the Mexican Economy State Department, and awarded by the Mexican President.

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